Thursday, 29 November 2007

Almost Done

We finished rendering last night. We did all the rendering in a day, because we didn't have any fancy ray-tracing. We couldn't get it to work right and didn't have the time to learn how to do it right. Maybe if we didn't try for so long to get that annoying mental ray to work. Anyway it adds almost 60 to 100 times the render time by using ray-tracing. We will be editing it today. No it's not the most fancy but we kept to our production schedule.

I personal felt we had to settle with things, like the lighting and the texturing, in this project as we were learning as the project was being created. Hence, we didn't have the time to experiment with settings because everything was experimentation anyway. I would have preferred to have lectures to teach us how to do this things.

However after a lot of stress and long nights, I think we have a half-decent film. Hopefully, this will get us a good grade.

It has been an experience which I will most likely have to do again at many points in my life.

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