Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The History of the Future

Here are some images form a book the Jared so kindly lent us, called

"The History of the Future, Images of the 21st Century" by Christophe Canto and Odile Faliu.

The book serves as a time machine, where the authors comb the past to find images of the fabulous future people believed would happen from the 1850's to the 1950's. Of course, we are interested in the later part of this timeline, the 40s and 50s mainly, possibly the 30s as well.

Some of these images are of prototype cars from 1965, spaceships and cars designed by people from the 30's, with trains that look similar to the ones designed by Raymond Lowey. Other images show Utopian societies of the future as imagined by people from the 40's and 50's of what life would be like in the far-off year of 1980.

What all images share are a fun, perfect view of the future, where man is shooting towards the stars, with designs and architecture that reflects that belief. Curves, simple geometric shapes, colours and chrome all serve to envision this future. These are all the founding principles of Googie design.

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