Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Here are some of the early animations of the character I did over the weekend. They have been tweaked a little since then, but I have the current videos to show you now. Above are just some drawings I did to help me figure out rough timing.
In this first shot of the character walking, I felt that he would be very excited as this place he has been searching for many years. Hence I felt he might be a bit peppy in his walk with his head held tall. Then he would almost be bursting with excitement to be here so would be shout to the heavens. To savour the moment I felt he would take his time and slowly open the door.
Here is old timing with the rough camera angles and the new timing.

The next video is of the bloke shocked. I felt that he would be stunned and crushed to see his restaurant that he has been searching so long for in utter ruins. He would be so disheartened. I tried to show this in the animation.

Finally, he would be so happy to see the perfect jar of pickles he would slowly, but with eager anticipation try to reach out and grab it, salivating in the process.

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