Sunday, 25 November 2007

Current Progress and Conclusion

O.K, I would just like to take a few moments to write about the current progress of the project. The animations are all completed and have been saved as individual animations, some in clip format to the Public Folders. All early backgrounds and useless props have been removed from these files, so the new backgrounds can be placed in. Cameras have been figured out as well. Textures are mostly complete, some of the prop animations might need to be textured but that shouldn't take very long. I do believe that the outside of the building also needs to be textured. These will be ordinary planar maps as UV maps are proving to difficult.

On the rendering side, Harrison had decided he wanted to render in Mental Ray, because it makes the quality of the images better. Unfortunately, we had some problems with our reference files, and after many hours of trying to get Mental Ray to work, we eventually decided to give up on mental ray, and render it normally.

Unfortunately, Harrison only read tutorials on how to light in mental ray, so had to read some new tutorials.

Currently, my particular skills are not too useful at the moment. However on Monday, we should be able to place all the parts into one scene so we can tweak it here and there. Then we should be able to render it.

If all goes well, it should be completed by Friday, if we get a C I'll be happy.

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