Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Rendering and current progress

We are actually rendering now. We had to settle on a lot of things, like some objects not being textured and only using basic depth map shadows, instead of fancy ray-tracing, to cut down on the render time. We split the project up into six scenes, the Opening map scene, the exterior scene with the bloke, the shocked scene, the picikle pick up scene, the door opening scene and the final interior camera pans scene. Scenes that have been rendered are the opening scene and the shocked scene. The exterior scene and the pickle pick up scene are currently rendering. The big scene is the interior camera pans scene, which will take a while. We cannot leave that to render as it has many different cameras in it. The curtains have unfortunately had to be deleted as something went wrong with them and they kept going through the walls. The shocked scene might need to be re-rendered as the lighting has been altered in other scenes. Here are some pictures from the currently rendered scene.

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